Bringing Discoveries to Commercialization
Advisory Council

A critical gap in technology development in academic settings is the real life technical and business experience for product development and then bringing it to market. The Industry Collaboration Portal (ICP) at Indiana University School of Medicine is collaborating with SPARK-Stanford to create education and mentoring opportunities for faculty, post docs, student and the startup companies. The Advisory Council of ICBI consisting of leaders and entrepreneurs in life sciences arena serves as an important resource for a wide range of scientific, technical, clinical, business, legal, regulatory and other guidance to the scientists.

The current members of ICBI and their domain expertize are listed here:

Dr. Alan Wright
Chief Medical Officer, Roche Diagnostics Corporation.
Clinical Research, Entrepreneur
Dr. Carmel Egan
Associate Dean of Research Affairs, Indiana University School of Medicine
Drug Development and Chemistry
Mr. Chad Pannucci
Director Business Development, Pearl Pathways Inc.
Mr. David Broecker
President & CEO, IBRI
Research Institution
Dr. Erik Woods
Chief Scientific Officer, Ossium Health, Inc
Cell and Gene Therapy
Mr. Harry L. Gonso
Partner, Ice Miller LLP
Corporate and Patent Law
Dr. Henry Havel
Science Advisor, Nonomedicines Alliance Former Senior Research Fellow, Eli Lilly and Company
Drug Development and Chemistry
Dr. Jaipal Singh (Chair)
Director ICBI
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Research and Development
Dr. Jaswant Gidda
Vice President R&D, Naurex Inc.
Pharmaceutical Research
Dr. Jeff Kline
Professor of Emergency Medicine and Physiology, Indiana University School of Medicine
Clinical Research
Dr. Joseph Trebley
President/CEO, Monon Bio Ventures LLC.
Entrepreneurship and Investment
Dr. Kenneth H. Carlson
Director of the Clinical Trials Office, IU Health
Clinical Research Management
Mr. Kent Hawryluk
Chief Business Officer
Avidity Biosciences LLC
Dr. Mervin Yoder
Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Research, Indiana University School of Medicine
Stem Cell Biology and Clinical Research
Dr. Milan Radovich
Co-Director of the IU Health Precision Genomics Program, Indiana University School of Medicine
Cancer Research
Dr. Mohan Tatikonda
Professor, Indiana University Kelley School of Business
Corporate Business
Dr. Raymond Kauffman
Director, Preclinical Development, Assembly Bioscience. Inc.
Pharmaceutical Research and development
Dr. Richard Taylor
Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Acting Director, Warren Center for Drug Discovery and Development, Notre Dame
Drug Discovery and Development
Dr. Scott Sheehan
Senior Director of Molecular Design and Lead Generation Technologies, Eli Lilly and Company
Drug Development and Chemistry
Dr. Todd Saxton
Associate Professor, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Indiana University Kelley School of Business
Dr. Viren Sarin
Distinguished Research Fellow, Eli Lilly and Company
Biopharmaceutical Research and Development